175 history

The name Dormeuil is synonymous with timeless masculine elegance, with British accents. The Dormeuil fabrics surprise by their flexibility, their inimitable “fall”, the subtle originality of their motifs.

The house was founded in 1842 by Jules Dormeuil, who had the idea of importing English fabrics to offer them to French tailors. Soon, Dormeuil became the creator of his fabrics and extended his reputation to the whole world. It is the first brand that has personalized the edges of each piece of fabric since 1920, and which has carried out advertising campaigns, from the years 1960.

The Dormeuil fabrics are created by the House style Office and manufactured for the most part in England in Yorkshire factories, according to methods that respect tradition and integrate what modern technologies bring better. The company has remained a family, through five generations.

The brand has entered the world of contemporary luxury by the quality and creativity of its innovations. Dormeuil selects the best raw materials to produce its exceptional fabrics: the merino sheep of Australia and New Zealand, the South African Mohair goats, the Pashmina goats, Kirgvz and Asian cashmere, the Vicuñas and guanacos of South America.

The flagship creations of Dormeuil are numerous: Sportex, created in 1922 and still Current, Tonik (1957), Amadeus (1991), Pashmina (1999), Vanquish (2006) and Exel (2016), the last born of the house, in pure wool naturally stretch for optimum comfort. Finally, Infinitiv and extreme Vicuna come to enrich the collection with ever more precious and unique fibres. With the 21st century, Dormeuil strengthens its unique position in the fashion industry, at the top of elegance and style.